Hi, I’m Michelle Darnell- and I have nothing in common with my imposter from the movie, The Boss. Below are some of the important facts I think you should know if we are to become friends.

I am obsessed with wild animals.

When I was a baby we had a cat named Cola. At the time I found nothing wrong with having a 30 pound orange cat that I could ride around the house and I think that began my obsession with felines. Things only grew from there as my Mom claims that each of the three times I saw Lion King in theaters, I was so devastated when Mufasa died, I peed my pants- don’t worry I grew out of that. 


As I got older, my obsession with animals only grew. I performed in the dolphin show at SeaWorld, performed an interpretative dance at my Pre-K graduation to the Lion King soundtrack bringing the audience to tears, and even though I could telepathically communicate with these animals. Eliza Thornberry gets to live my dreams.


In my free time you can find me at an animal sanctuary playing with these animals. So far I have cuddled with two baby tigers, two baby lions, swam with a tiger, chilled with a baby penguin and my next adventure is to interact with an elephant. 


At the bottom of this page you can find more exotic animal photos, there were too many to put in this gallery.

Cola really was too fat.
Dances with Lions
SeaWorld Performer
My mini Tiger, Alex.

Addiction, maybe?

Other than my addiction to cheese, I am also addicted to cosmetics. I recently did my independent study with MAC Cosmetics and began to count all of the makeup products I own and stopped counting my lipsticks after I reached 62 because I figured it’s best I don’t know.


What started out as innocent fun has now become a passion of mine. I enjoy the thirty minutes it takes to put on my makeup because it’s the closest I get to painting each day. 


To the right is my beauty idol Jaclyn Hill. I waited 8 hours in the rain for this photo, and we spent 3 minutes talking about Florida. Best. Day. Ever.

“World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”

I was lucky enough to be raised in Panama City Beach, Florida. The town has many names- Spring Break Capital of the World, World’s Most Beautiful Beaches, Redneck Riviera and Lower Alabama. I take pride in hailing from the south. The air is thicker and the shorts are shorter and while I might be extremely pale, I enjoy soaking up every moment in the sun and will always be found outside with my toes in the sand. 

I’m great to have around for trivia.

Some might find it annoying to receive texts on a regular basis from me stating strange facts, such as April 25th is national penguin day, but luckily my friends accept me. I find knowing extremely useless information very valuable because you never know what that tiny fact could save your life, or at least help you team win at trivia. 

Pictures from my Instagram: