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Helping Mom’s gain back some control.

Being a first time parent could easily be considered the most stressful time in your life. You are changing everything as you prepare your house for the new addition to the family. For the 7.4 million first time moms- they’re after one thing- a happy and healthy child.


Boon produces childcare products aimed around the mission of creating innovative gear positioned to help parents tackle one challenge after another while committing to quality and safety.


Our team decided to give mom’s back some control over germs- by introducing a new Boon product called- The Egg- a UVC sanitizing toy pod. 


Dr. Michael Burry is preaching that we all should invest in water, and since he predicted the housing bubble- I trust this man. The USA is currently plagued by one of the worst droughts in recent memory and many states are in a bitter battle over the blue stuff.  


The Ask:

Introduce the Australian greywater system called the Water Leech to the United States. 



Americans are beginning to feel the effect of the upcoming water crisis. While only a few American can actually see the effects of water scarcity: 7 states are running out of water, by 2015 1.8 billion people will experience absolute water scarcity, and by 2030, almost half of the word will live in conditions of high water stress.


Greywater & The Water Leech

Greywater: Any wash water that has been used in the home except water from toilets is called greywater. It is comprised of residential “waste” but can be repurposed especially for landscape watering.


The Water Leech is a greywater system that can be attached to any shower drain. The greywater collection from the Water Leech provides plants with additional compost carrying additional nutrients.

Part-time Environmentalist

There are many Americans who believe that everyone should be focused on preserving the environment but are only willing to slightly change their daily habits. We call these the part-time environmentalist- these are the people that purchase reusable bags to take to Whole Foods but constantly forget them or always leave their house with the lights on. They are taking steps in the right direction- just baby ones.


We realized that for these part-time environmentalists, perception is greater than reality. They feel that it is more importantly to be viewed as environmentally friendly by their friends than to adapt a truly eco-lifestyle. They look for small products that can solve this need and proudly display them around their house to stir up conversations. 


Help mom get a handle on eliminating germs by bringing toy cleaning into the 21st century. 

How Tembo works:

Tembo App: Monitoring plants water

Each Tembo comes with three water monitors that are placed into your plants. These monitors are attached to the Tembo app and record how much water your plant receives and notifies you when it’s thirsty. 

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Tembo in use:

Creative Executions

For the plants getting watered by Tembo, they receive a little piece of their owner and grow attached. Our creative focuses around the idea that you are your plants entire world and when you leave the house each day they become anxious, they miss you and nervously wait for you to come home to hang out with them again. 

Below shows the print, out of home, and product displays.

We decided to extend the campaign to social where below you can see Instagram videos as well as different spots that would be featured as Hulu and YouTube ads. 

Instagram Spots:

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