Ask: How can Pepsi Co. leverage the Make My Own disruption in the beverage industry with their partnership with Sodastream, and build a billion dollar brand in 5 years?


Problem: Only 750,000 households own a Sodastream and they only use it for making sparking water. 


Opportunity: Energy drinks are the highest growing beverage category with millions of American drinking them everyday. But unlike other popular caffeinated beverages there isn’t an appliance focused on making energy drinks.


The Sodastream can provide the base of sparking water to create Make My Own Energy drinks.


Insight: Young Mom’s are the largest consumers of energy drinks but feel guilty drinking them in public. They feel ashamed to need a product being sold as a beverage you need to jump out of an airplane just to get the kids to soccer practice.


Strategy: Pepsi Co. and Sodastream partnership will be mom’s gateway to guilt free energy.


Creative Concept: ZEST- fuel for America’s young moms. 

Reinventing the Partnership


Zest uses Pepsi Co. technology called Drinkfinity. Drinkfinity offers sleek packaging which mom wants, as well as a less messy pod option. Pepsi Co. has already used Drinkfinity technology in their current portfolio with their partnership with Gatorade. ​See information and images below.

Drinkfinity Bottle
Drinkfinity Pod
How it works
Drinkfinity + Gatorade Partnership

ZEST Vision

An advantage to targeting Mom, is she controls the appliances that live on the kitchen counter. By providing her a cost efficient, convenient, and stigma free solution to her energy crisis, the Sodastream will get a permanent home on the counter. As Mom's habit becomes consistent the rest of the family- especially Dad who consumes more energy drinks than mom- will begin to use the SodaStream and Pepsi Co. and unlock the rest of their Pepsi Homemade products. 


For decades, Americans have woken up each day and brewed a pot of coffee. But that is changing, as more Americans turn to energy drinks Pepsi Co. and Sodastream have the opportunity to be the energy of the future. 

Other CBM team members: Ashley Stanfield, Whitney Paul, Will Espinoza-Blanco