Assignment: Create a brand that reaches $1 billion in 5 years through the SodaStream partnership


Business Problem: Not enough American households own a SodaSteam, making Pepsi Homemade irrelevant


Insight: Mom's are the largest consumer of energy drinks but feel guilty drinking them in public.


Strategy: Pepsi Co. & SodaStream partnership will be mom's gateway to guilt free energy


Creative Concept:

ZEST- fuel for America's young moms

When Pepsi Co. tells your team to think entrepreneurial and bring the Pepsi Homemade partnership with SodaStream to a billion dollar brand in 5 years- you think big.



This partnership grew out of the expanding make-my-own trend, a disruption in the soda category that allows consumers to be in-control of the customization to create their own beverages. After going through the company research we realized that not enough people owned a SodaStream and the small amount of Americans that did- only used it to make sodawater.

In order for the Pepsi Co. and SodaStream partnership to reach that billion mark in five years, we reframed the challenge-


Get Americans to invest in the SodaStream as an essential countertop appliance.


Meaning it is something that lives on the counter, its used almost is used daily, and has its own rituals. There was another challenge with this partnership. Current Pepsi Co. products were not the solution for three reasons:

With Soda at an all time low- for a brand that’s positioning for the future, it is risky to involve a product that is experiencing such consistent decline. As a core product for this SodaStream partnership- soda is not the best original investment.


We decided to take a step back and look at the beverage category and found people were turning to other drinks to satisfy their needs:


Our research proved that while energy drinks are a part of millions of Americans everyday lives, it is the only popular caffeinated beverage that lacks a designated appliance. And since the base of an energy drink is essentially sparking water, the SodaStream can be the MMO energy drink appliance. 

Things got more interesting when we looked into who is consistently drinking the most energy drinks. Based of category conventions and current advertising campaigns based around extreme sports, one would naturally believe young males- they need these drinks for their

“crazy lifestyles.”

But our research showed that the most "XTREME" Energy Drinkers were actually

Young Moms.

Younger millennials are going through many lifestyle shifts; they’re getting married and having children and with that means juggling a household, a career, and a new family. And these young moms are overwhelmed from always putting everyone before them, anxious about their child’s well being, under pressure to know the answer to everything, and overall are extremely stressed out.


This daily pressure forces moms to turn to energy drinks in order to have the strength to get her responsibilities accomplished, all to be seen as a “good mom.” But the majority of moms we talked to drink every drinks “concealed in the pantry.” They feel ashamed- they don’t want their families, neighbors, or PTA friends to know that they need a beverage that’s marketed for professional skydiving just to accomplish their daily to-do list. 


The Pepsi Co. and SodaStream partnership has the opportunity to be mom's gateway to guilt free energy.

We created a new brand:

 and positioned it as fuel for America’s young moms .



Zest uses Pepsi Co. technology called Drinkfinity. Drinkfinity offers sleek packaging which mom wants, as well as a less messy pod option. Pepsi Co. has already used Drinkfinity technology in their current portfolio with their partnership with Gatorade. ​See informatin and images below.

Drinkfinity Bottle
Drinkfinity Pod
How it works
Drinkfinity + Gatorade Partnership

ZEST Vision

An advantage to targeting Mom, is she controls the appliances that live on the kitchen counter. By providing her a cost efficient, convenient, and stigma free solution to her energy crisis, the SodaStream will get a permanent home on the counter. As Moms habit becomes consistent the rest of the family- especially Dad who consumes more energy drinks than mom- will begin to use the SodaStream and Pepsi Co. and unlock the rest of their Pepsi Homemade products. 


For decades, Americans have woken up each day and brewed a pot of coffee. But that is changing, as more Americans turn to energy drinks Pepsi Co. and SodaStream have the opportunity to be the energy of the future. 

Other team members: Ashley Stanfield, Whitney Paul, Will Espinoza-Blanco