Brand & Store Refresh


Michaels is the king of the craft stores. With over 1,168 stores at the size of 18,000 square feet- they truly are on a mission to inspire and enable customer creativity. Their passion for creativity and extensive amount of product assortment has led the brand to steady growth since its inception, with the company ending 2014 with $4.7 billion in sales.


The Ask:

While Michaels has been excelling, the brand hasn’t updated their look and feel giving us the challenge to bring it into the world of 2016. 


Uncovering the Value of Fall Decor:

Even thought Michaels is considered the craft king, one thing from their financial statements stood out the most- over 50% of Michaels revenue comes from Q4- a time of year when your house completely transformed. The decorations that regularly fill your house get replaced come fall as we prepare for football parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. 

New Crafters lack Confidence

After ethnographic research we uncovered that the reason shoppers are turning to décor is because they lack confidence. These new crafters walk into Michaels with the hopes of creating a one of a kind piece of art only to become overwhelmed by choice. I mean is there really a difference between dark blue and midnight blue? These new crafters begin to feel discouraged with an “I can’t make that mentality” and end up settling for the already made decorations offered at the front of the store.


Conclusion: Michaels sales have been growing year after year due to the sales of seasonal décor, not crafts.  


The rise of shared Pinterst fails:

Crafting creates Memories

Essentially: Crafting is….. Time intensive, emotional, relaxing, a labor of love, difficult, form of expression, exciting


There is something special that comes from creating something by hand. You embark on a roller coaster of emotions as you as you piece together all the things that were once separate. The time and care you took to make the item is something you’ll remember and proudly display it for all to see. You are creating memories and by simply buying decorations you lose out on this opportunity. 


Crafts will remain on your parent’s walls for years, crafts become the wooden bench you can’t bear to get rid of, crafts become truly valuable.



Michaels is your partner for turning crafts into valuables.

Creative Executions

Store Redesign:

We wanted to start by redesigning the store to make it feel more welcoming, a place where if you spent hours you weren’t overwhelmed but excited to explore the possibilities! 


To mimic the more homemade looking store logo we also changed the in-store signage to match. The endcaps in the store also got a new look- currently Michaels employs over 80 influencers to create amazing crafts to share on social media. We decided to bring this in-store and showcase some of these designs. All of the necessary supplies for these influencer crafts would be available underneath a replica of the craft allowing shoppers to easily find supplies. The store packaging also changed to feel more luxurious. Since you are leaving Michaels with supplies to make a priceless item, we wanted that to be reflected mimicking famous patterns, Michaels now has their own luxurious print.


APP Redesign:

This was paired with redesigning their app because our research showed that users only downloaded it for the digital coupons. We incorporated a feature that allows you to find products easier and also be able to ask for help because those were two biggest obstacles for new crafters in the store. We also added a feature that generates new project ideas giving both new crafters and those more experience, the ability to find new inspiration. ​

Employee Handbook:

To allow our employees to become our biggest supporters we recommended allowing them to decorate their aprons to showcase their favorite crafts. We also designed an employee handbook focused on creative thinking. ​

Employee Manual
Employee Manual
Employee Manual
Employee Manual
Employee Manual
Employee Manual
Employee Manual
Employee Manual


With all the changes made to the in-store experience we launched a campaign focused on Michaels as your partner for making luxurious items- Create Something Priceless.  Below is our print and out-of-home. Finally to complete the campaign we created a 30-second spot that would run on Hulu and YouTube. When thinking of luxury my mind goes straight to a typical hip-hop music video. We decided to create puppets that showed off the luxurious lifestyle by mimicking a rap artist music video. ​

"We Made It" won a Richmond Ad Show Cannon Ball 

Other team members: AD: Tori McGoogan, CW: Stephen Shocket,  ST: Caitlin Hines, CBM: William Espinoza-Blanco