Ask: Increase organ donor registration.


Problem: While the majority of Americans say they support organ donation only a handful are registered. This disparity is caused by the conspiracy theory of having your organs harvested before you are actually dead.  This irrational fear holds supporters back from registering.


Insight:  To combat this irrational fear we realized altruism, empathy, and reason aren’t working but harnessing humor such as “Fuck Cancer” and “Save the Tatas” make serious topics easier for people to discuss.


Strategy: The focus of organ donation shouldn’t be on you’re fear of dying, but rather embracing your life; you can release your fears knowing your organs have a chance to live on after you’re gone. 


Creative Concept: The Organ Trail music festival, benefiting Organ Donation, while incorporating organ instruments. #OrganOverload. This festival becomes a place where young millennials can harness the calming power of music, which makes it easy and unintimidating to say- why not register?

Case Study Video:

Other team members: AD: Liz Malenfant, AD: Ryan Witcher,CW: Stephen Shocket, ST: Miranda Germano, ST: Cary Arberg