Case Study Video

Releasing fear to save lives.

Let me start out by saying I’m too afraid to be registered as an organ donor.


In theory registering sounds like a nice idea- once you have passed you have the opportunity to save up to 50 peoples lives. Who doesn’t want that!


And while the majority of Americans say they support organ donations, only a handful are actually registered. This disparity is caused by the conspiracy theory that once you have registered, medical professionals will harvest your organs before you are actually dead. Google it- it’s terrifying. Our research showed time and again that the only thing holding people back from registering was this irrational fear.


To combat this irrational fear we realized altruism, empathy, and reason aren’t working but harnessing humor such as “Fuck Cancer” and “Save the Tatas” make serious topics easier for people to discuss.


With humor in mind we naturally decided to start an Organ Trail music festival, benefiting Organ Donation, while incorporating organ instruments. #OrganOverload. Named The Organ Trail Music Festival- is became a place where young millennials could harness the calming power of music by joining a group movement to create an experience that makes it easy and unintimidating to say- why not register?

Other team members: AD: Liz Malenfant, AD: Ryan Witcher,CW: Stephen Shocket, ST: Miranda Germano, ST: Cary Arberg