Ask: Refresh the brand and introduce a new line extension for SPAM.


Problem: As each generation passes, SPAM gets further and further away from being seen as the champion that helped us defeat the Axis. For the current generation, SPAM no longer means meat.


Insight: Most people, who declare they will never eat SPAM or that they find SPAM disgusting, have never actually tried it. 


When we talked to both Spam lovers and haters, we realized that the only thing stopping those from trying SPAM was the realization that they actually had no idea what it was. They thought it was full of mystery pig parts drowning in preservatives that could last on the shelf forever making it a great food to have.


Target Audience: Cautiously adventurous cooks, men between the ages of 18-40 became our prime target. These men are willing to eat pepperoni, bologna, bacon flavor bits, and hot dogs, which are considerably worse for you than SPAM.

They view canned meat as a product inferior to the pre-cooked meat located in the deli meat section.


For these men, it’s about introducing a product that isn’t complicated, they want a meal that tastes good, keeps them full, and doesn’t take a lot of work to prepare.


Line Extension: SPAM GRILLERS- Preslices of thick cuts of SPAM that were to be sold in the lunchmeat section, alongside the cold cuts and other refrigerated pre-cooked meats.


Strategy: Prove to the cautiously adventurous cook that SPAM Grillers are the new swiss army knife for a simply satisfying meal.


Creative Executions

New Instore location:

Other team members: AD: Anna Andreen, CW: Charlie Curnow, XD: Karl Giles, ST: Noel Van Aartrijk, CBM: Stacey Garrett