Ask: Introduce the Australian greywater system called the Water Leech to the United States.


Water Leech Re-imagined: The greywater system we renamed Tembo- attaches to your bathtub, filters out the grime from your shower, and collects water that is now available for various household uses such as watering the grass, washing the car, or feeding your houseplants. (See first video below)


Problem: No one really cares about water conservation- few people in America can actually see and feel the daily affects of water scarcity. They agree we need to be more focused on the environment but aren’t willing to commit to huge life changes.


We call these the part-time environmentalists- these are the people that purchase reusable bags to take to Whole Foods but constantly forget them or always leave their house with the lights on. They are taking steps in the right direction- just baby ones.


Insight: These part-time environmentalists prioritize perception over reality, it is more important to them to be viewed as environmentally friendly by their friends then commit to a truly eco-lifestyle.  


Strategy: Grow plant owners into plant parents.


Because Tembo is easy to use, these part-time environmentalists get the eco-friendly recognition from their friends that they long for, as they use the greywater to water their Instagram worthy houseplants.


Creative Concept: Although greywater is filtered, when you use the Tembo to water your plants, you’re still giving them a little piece of you. Because they love you they’ll grow attached.


How Tembo works:

How Tembo works:

Tembo App: Monitoring plants water

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Each Tembo comes with three water monitors that are placed into your plants. These monitors are attached to the Tembo app and record how much water your plant receives and notifies you when it’s thirsty. 

Tembo in use:

Creative Executions

For the plants getting watered by Tembo, they receive a little piece of their owner and grow attached. Our creative focuses around the idea that you are your plants entire world and when you leave the house each day they become anxious, they miss you and nervously wait for you to come home to hang out with them again. 

Below shows the print, out of home, and product displays.

We decided to extend the campaign to social where below you can see Instagram videos as well as different spots that would be featured as Hulu and YouTube ads. 

Instagram Spots:

Hulu and YouTube Spots:

Other team members: AD: Lily Fu, CW: Michelle Smith, XD: Karl Giles, ST: Rebecca McNerney, CBM:  Emily Smith